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  1. Love you boys Name: Sean- Former fuckboy Snapchat: McGoooch - I post some dank stories Instagram: McgeachySean - Dont really use instagram Facebook - Sean McGeachy (If you are actually gonna add it just pm me if u cant find it)
  2. My final coursework for this trimester is due on monday so after I hand it in ill have free time. So might pop back to the AC fam and chill. whos still active?
  3. My pure is like 60/90/1 with 90 range and like 85 mage I always get motivated to do this until i realise how often i actually die and i made one before and died at fire giants as i was afk and got pulled in lol Literally the only thing to do i think
  4. Literally can't think of anything to get me back into rs, I definitely don't want to skill and completely burned out of pet hunting. Thinking of doing something from scratch but unsure what rules or such i'd do If not ill just stay off the game as i log in for 2 seconds then leave
  5. If i didn't die then we wouldn't have got the hilt that kill confirmed. Great fun trip though cheers casper + prod
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