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  1. Really considering coming back this season but going on vacation next week so its a hard choice :thinking:

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    2. GIGGS


      come back m8 have some fun the first week without ancients

    3. Sean M8
    4. ---


      @Sean M8 Deadman part 2: Return of the champions

  2. Good job boys <3 <3 I'll be watching and cheering once again this time around #AC
  3. But... but.... who is going to kill wildy bosses for AC now?!?!
  4. EQUALITY!1!1!1!1!1!

  5. Remember this legendary situation? Still makes me laugh often @sassenappel @Mortyfire @GIGGS @Minimash @Anie rip Sassri never forget 2016-2016
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Hopefully the guy stops sending me snapchats soon. Guy at 2:04 saying "the same as us probally" sounds alot like Sassen.
  7. He is probally a warlord in Framed's famous clan HeyBoys
  8. My boy Nick, i might come back tonight too bro. This is the guy who was my comrade last season and was one of the last 3 AC alive together with Chase/DBU IIRC(Think it was those 3) might be missing dankmeme there too
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