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  1. Good job boys, clearing everyone as usual! #AC
  2. B E L V A


    A lot has changed since I had to go away and work, think I've been gone for a year or 2 and everyone I knew has quit or left. I'm sure it's only Speedy who remembers me but it's nice to see the clan grow and become what it is today with the merger and stuff. Found this on my old laptop hahaha Glad to be back anyway and I'll see you all around 😎 #AC
  3. Feeling the same way literally log on and log back out again, just don't have the motivation to train my pure anymore and my main is maxed so out of ideas
  4. Suppp! Been about a year since I had to leave AC to work. I think alot of the people I knew don't play (Ac Sean, Perri. etc) but it's good too see the new names. Anyway's I'll be around the forums and Ts see ya around