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  1. Aren’t there green dragons in the cave ? That would be a great place to keep control of at the start
  2. Gonna be poppin with the rev caves open
  3. Current Rsn: T1CKED Previous Rsn: Savage AC Back2Lumb, Zuhrk Location & Timezone: Eastern New York, New York About Yourself: 25 Years old living in New York, Work alot in irl but like dedicating time to Deadman Seasons and take off work when it comes around to enjoy the mode and Ac chat How many Hrs a day you play: No lifing the season weekend then a casual 3-4 hours a day after that probably Why do you want to join Anonymous Community: To reunite with the AC boiz and run the season, wasnt as active last season with the melee route but looking to pk alot more with mage/range this season How did you hear about us?: Been with you guys for a couple years Have you played DMM Before? Every season. List all names you had in DMM: Same as Previous RSN Do you know anyone in Anonymous Community,If so whom: Alex, Hastan, Casper, Sp33dy, Hobo, DylanD, downie Matyoung (unfortunately)
  4. Also what about a 60/60 Melee and 50 Mage build for Iban blast/Snares.... it could be same route as 60/60 and 50 range just with UGP and the prequests thrown in....
  5. Thanks gotta get that bond money for DMM
  6. Idk if anybody is interested but I have around $160 worth of Steam Wallet that I am trying to liquidate into 07GP, I will be offering 20% off of the total amount so there is some incentive to trade your 07GP to me for a game. Post your requests below
  7. The Deadman Boiiiiiiiii
  8. I REally gotta find motivation to finish my main
  9. Rev caves are gonna be OP as fuck for deadman.... yeah I'm that asshole that occasionally comes back for every seasonal.... sorry boiz lol
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