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  1. It's a bittersweet feeling but unfortunately I will be leaving the boys for a couple of weeks. I have to take a trip to NE as my first route ever. I'm nervous as fuck but the pay is hella worth it. I love my niggas and I truly hope you guys keep doing great. We have come a long way and I expect to see alot more when I get back! One Love
  2. We started out the night pretty slow just clearing randoms but not seeing much action. Eventually we ran into Rev and the fight began with even opts. We started around dwarves but it soon moved to lavas and then to old gate. The fight was fought hard between both clans and moved back to GDZ and then to gap again. We fought really well and had the advantage through the whole fight but soon CT showed up to crash us so we teamed with REV to clear them. After about an hour and a half we called off the fighting and took and ending. Thanks rev for the fight and the clean action we had a lot of fun and look forward to do it again sometime. Proud of everyone who showed up and looking forward to our next scrap #AC
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