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  1. RSN- Studmuffin_G Tell us about yourself- I have been around here for over 2 years I had left after the clan died on sdmm and tried to do pvm with the clan but no one would ever do things with anyone but the select few people that only wanted to boss with each other. I eventually joined knights of pvm and UNKNOWNS. However joining such a active pking clan led to me not pvming anymore and then UNK had died down after serious IRL issues with the leader and so most UNK joined CT however I held off and when AC started being active again I came back here. I want to take part in sdmm tourneys pvm and pking. This I guess is my application since I cannot find a way to post a application via forums there is no start thread option for me. clan history is mostly in the above answers, I am however still apart of a small social clan [flax kingdom] https://gyazo.com/abdaf6530b05c6b04573f7d9914dd77f.png