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  • Deadman Seasonals Starts 5pm EST/10PM GMT on Saturday 30th March


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  1. What a season for everyone. Great work boys! Always good to see the new faces joining each seasons. Now time to qualify for tourny and get back to smashing people on 07!
  2. That works, doesnt have to be much then learn how to do raids and spam raids get money
  3. Very cool plans they have there really. Missed Rev cave pking
  4. I like the changes. Will probably give me the interest in playing DMM once again.. Well OSRS in general!
  5. I'll get that downloaded.
  6. Will need to learn raids but im sure its fun
  7. Hi GoldCoast, Welcome back. Hopefully Sp33dy can confirm whether you can come back or not, were still a good amount of people playing !
  8. Hastan


    Yes. Always losing interest in the game as main but sdmm with AC as always been a fun time! Looking forward to hang out will y'all again !
  9. Welcome back , hope to see you around
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