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  1. Nah, We're using Discord.Message Speedy for info

  2. Look like fun. Good job boys.
  3. Sorry we're not taking anymore Seasonal Deadman Application.Try back for tourneys.
  4. Sorry we're not taking anymore Deadman Players.Try back Next Season
  5. Well what can i say, This was hands downs one of the best seasons! WE obliterated our opponents and even the alliances that team to go against us "ANTI AC" Wanna give a shout out to the returning homies that make it all possible each season and also our 07 squad for holding it down this week! Thanks for VLS- https://gyazo.com/05b1592dae9cf4ae9c66debfa7a92965 OT Leader-(Dfs) https://gyazo.com/46280d8defff26ffd5c487cbb0ee64de OT Cleared at Hallow Tree- Whip Pk- Sv Getting Bullied-