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  1. Good shit good to see yous have taken zeah over now Wohoooo #Solo Deadman #AC
  2. Gotta get that reputation for being a GC in #AC
  3. Damn! Returning member here congratulations !
  4. Hey AC,

    I'm sorry that i haven't really participated in anything due to my mum having a stroke it's hard for me to even have time to play Runescape. Hope AC is doing fine but i won't be playing for awhile till my mum full recovers as she cannot talk or just understand who i am as a person yet. 

    Hope you understand @Sp33dy20


  5. Yeah I got some hate in World 18 saying "Fuck Sp33dy" I'm like okay..
  6. Never been jealous in my entire runescape carer with 2k zulrah kills in still no pet but i got 2 mutgans already
  7. Holy crap. 3 stakes in a row??????? Man... that's unlucky asf
  8. Peace out man hope everything goes well.
  9. cannot believe i slept through this war upset i missed it since its NZD time fucking sucks. #ac#always#wins #420#Rags
  10. Wait you can get more than one book O_O holy shit
  11. Dem misclicks on tb are real besides from that wicked video mate
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