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  1. ya just dont see any other clan making money moves like this out here lol LFG family
  2. Hey sp33dy can I somehow talk/message you at the moment?
  3. just got kicked from ts3 for no reason and all my perms removed under "WUU2KIDS" which is my new rsn.  IDk wtf just happened


  4. shit as windy today

  5. pics or you cant confirm v

  6. -dabs in rapid succession-

  7. i mean if there is i guess whatever but if not im just gonna change my name to brandon because i'm kinda sick of badskull2000 especially since that isnt my rsn anymore -dab-
  8. i know half of you dont even know who i am or dont give a shit but i swear ill be back and active soon i'm just trying to get stats up.. currently getting 82 mage and then gonna work some range and continue the grind to 110.... (hint: its boring and time consuming)
  9. thank god... now i can finally get help for rebuild from some generous people im kidding
  10. time to get my deadman seasonal stats farther up because it says its going over into the tourny... EDIT: I guess it means the NEXT seasonal, nvm
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