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  1. Was a good trip keep attending the trips invite your friends and also keep recruiting boys. We all can make this work and make AC great again #DaBestG#Dunnoe#Ac
  2. Well done boys let keep em successful trips going
  3. Me n sammy quickly went into a ffa raid and pulled out a dex
  4. At this point DMM is dieing out but still to keep AC's Rep up being the #1 clan in DMM we thought we'd do a little PK trip. As we progressed people started joining which led to numbers around 15-20 STILL. Running through the wildy we found a few overtake kids but as soon as they saw the names ANONYMOOOUS they started playing hide and seek. We weren't easily going to give up so we put up scouts everywhere. Instead of finding Overtake members we found CD just killing lil old poor fishers. So we thought we'd play it clever and lure them up White Wolf Mountain. CD saw the bank loot running to multi and followed him without realising they are running into multi and them BOOM there pop's out AC. YOU DUNNOE. CD cleared! #AC
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