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  1. Hey how is everyone? Idk if anyone remembers me but I'm finally back from Full time school/work hope everyone had good holidays and fun new years!
  2. haha Nice one

    1. BigDog562


      What did I do? lol

  3. Great trip! Can't wait for the next one. Reduced to raging haha #AC on top
  4. ZGS Kill off Shrimp haha my bad wasnt on the floor still had to grab and split off CLump Was fun! Thanks for the trip! #AC http://imgur.com/a/wmEh9
  5. If anyone is down for a little trip sometime hit me up! RSN- FreeBigDog3
  6. All good lol I've been here gotta get those glasses G haha
  7. FreeBigDog3 in the TS just didn't know it was all going to be DMM
  8. Sooo I've had my intro in for atleast 2-3 weeks with no response really lol... just seeing whats going on I've heard a lot going around in the teamspeak...I'd like to know if I should continue staying active or if this is a big waste?
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