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  1. Had a good day got maced by fools for claws but staked and made more than I lose so xd here is the pk of the day https://gyazo.com/68cb67b459995046daa2dd0499f5bffa https://gyazo.com/2504993efbb4370c0570804b8178028f also got archers blowpipe dfs and serp
  2. my ags was 2v1 I was in multi and still dropped the big man tingg
  3. Me and hotgirl just doing some anti pking xd and saw a fellow verac under distress and decided to protect the pack papi rabbi mrinsomnia anyone know what clan (first trip anti pking)
  4. Was pking multi with the clan and did some singles a 2v1 and dropped the kids for ags Rip unk https://gyazo.com/4c96c72afb09c500c45878602188fa71 maxed main vs med level with 81 range both where maxed
  5. HAHAHAHHAHA AGS pk lmfao! https://gyazo.com/e20b97ae4dcf04d977a1fda98ae752f1
  6. It is crazy that framed discord clan uses spears more than we do... lets work on that this new year skip to 9:30 minutes in he goes rev pking and their is always someone spearing the kill...
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