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  1. LOL I just now see that my grammar is fucking nice, i was blown away at that very moment, forgive me i meant learning the ropes ofcourse, and i meand OS Scape the rsps instead of osrs
  2. Recently after playing OSRS and learning the robes of hybridding and tri bridding, i finally smited my first ags by a nice stack from a dds and barrage, finally it happened! (ps if u don't believe me ask ppl how poor i was this cant be my ags in no way)
  3. @Take pics Yea, but i am very good at f2p pking, and 9/10x im not DMing since i kill them before running out of food xd
  4. @Take pics Yea bro, after im done fighting i hop onto a members world, go to my house recharge my prayer then overpray on a dummy with my ancient mace
  5. After 2 disgustingly bad loots from zulrah even after changing my fucking gender, went f2p pking. If i have food im not leaving. #best f2p pker. PS fuck yall hoes protecting items, u poor mutherfuckers lol.
  6. This isnt even fun anymore, b2b. #FuckPvming #BackToLuringKidsForChristmasHolidaysBecauseTheyGotWaleeCardsFromTheirParentsForChristmasSoTheyBuyingRsGpFromIt!! Post in the reply section if i should start a series on this sight, weekly drops of me Its gunna be called something like WeeklyRNG by Acid who named his character paradox since he was living in 1. LOL
  7. Nope nevermind, still a bitch. It's never good foor bitches is it?
  8. Turning my account into a bitch, since all it wanna do is bitch around. #MOB #MoneyOverBitch #LightskinBitchesAreDramaTho #ImBalling-Chemo #BaldAssBitch #AmberRose2007 Gotta get that Fade, cuz u know me im hella fresh. Ps Barber cut my pussy lips right quick aswell for only 9k extra #grateful
  9. :@@@@ They call him "the money snake" Go to zulrah they said, u'll make some "B0nk" they said. FUCK YOU SMD ZULRAH
  10. damn man, i love b0aty, those tanking skills shows that he's the G0at, im glad WE did it #AC!
  11. Saw this dharoker kill this other dharoker, ran in - TB - Entangle - firewaves - into ballista 53 spec, gg 2 dh sets
  12. never fun to lose... Unless u smite some ags LOL
  13. L0L this was, i guess they updated drinking super restores, looks like it kinda hard #SmitesUp #FreeKraken #FreeBGS
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