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    Weey got a reaction from Rc Forever in Rc Forever back   
    hello! welcome back! lets run this dmm like always. 
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    Weey reacted to Allu x in is Allu good at tanking   
    Cant get hit if you aint there boys
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    Weey got a reaction from Sayne in Toxic Streamer Deleted By AC   
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    Weey reacted to Old Hobo in AC Clap VR Ft. ROT   
    Vr Leaders: We gotta pull this below 30, tell someone to crash.
    Ac: O
    Vr Leaders: That didn't help, tell them to snipe ac returners at corp.
    AC: lul
    Vr Leaders: We can't handle AC lets let rot try.
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    Weey reacted to im hot girl in AC Night Out ft. CD/JaJa/Randoms/EVO???   
    Very good job guys if you keep listening to me we can keep getting better! We are not all alone we can come together and become a very powerful source that will be tough to mess with. When we have each others backs we are unstoppable. Sometimes you can tell during the trip that there sometimes is doubt in the voice of our higher ranks on the new comers....But as we progress we progress as a whole.... It truly is a beautiful thing...
                                With much love - I'm Hot Girl
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