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  1. Grinding slayer for mauls, got that range and almost smite
  2. Day 2: Monkey madness, lost city, fremenik trials, tokens done. Set back once but quickly picked it back up again and ready for the 85 day 3 grind Goals: 90 str, dragon defender, slayer
  3. How's everyone getting through the grind so far? I know a few people have given up already
  4. Did some pking, did quite a few quests, grinding gold as melee isn't as easy as I thought right off the bat but I got my dragon dagger and I'm to hit Warrior's Guild really soon. GrindGrindGrind
  5. hahahahaha love the music, how close were you guys?
  6. nice kill, i wonder how much longer until gp is worth nothing and items go through the roof for the final 6 hours of prep
  7. Looking forward to hunting with you
  8. Super hyped for Deadman Mode with you all :D  

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