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  1. damn grats on the drop lads!
  2. So me sp33dster nexio and saimps thought about doing a pk trip this morning so we set a time for 9pm and when the time came around all our niggas rolled up ready for some blood after been dry for 2 days at raids we was thirsty for loot we ran into small teams at revs taking everything that they own! we got a few smites in but people know we run the wildy so there scared of taking there +1s out we did a good job on the trip so thank you everybody who came! #AC
  3. this week has probably been one of the best weeks so far in my osrs career i know that sounds gay af but w.e me casper and saimps went to do some arma and it wasn't a very good trip till the end where we are lending bones of each over brews restores ect pretty funny casper saved our ass on the trip with the supplies saimps was high and did a fat bowl and this magically happened casper and i also went to do some dks and for the most part the trip was average no rings no luck no pet but then coming near to the end of the trip this happens we did end up getting 3 b rings and a warrior but i couldn't find the other pics then went and did some raids for the first time and oh boy was it a good first time FIRST RAID! then the next day managed to get the same again but with a twist saimps got dex+ olm pet which he already had lucky bugger did some staking which i never took pics off sadly but won 25m 28m and 15m NOW at the start of the week i only managed to have 10m bank by the end of the week i managed to get 120m+ so thank you to everyone who pvmed raided pked with me lets hope for another good week
  4. nice late night trip you had very well deserved
  5. so today on the 17-06-2018 me and my boy old hobo went out today to go kill some DKS first time me ever going and coming to our surprise i went full autistim and teled at 1hp and died once but also come to our surprise we made some nice bank didn't get any pics on our first trip nor our second but we did manage to get a ending loot in a trade screen! have a nice 4.2m split what a way to come back to AC!
  6. looks shite m8 grats casper
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