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  1. Current Rsn: Mightnares Previous Rsn: N/A Location & Timezone: GMT +0 United Kingdom About Yourself: well, I'm just a part time runescape player now'a days. Hoping to smash the life out of this DMM seasonal though, haven't played a seasonal since the season Sp33dy20 invited me to join AC after we had a very intense team fight @ rock crabs to which my team was outnumbered by AC but still managed to clutch a few kills and win Let's remake this with AC winning every fight How many Hrs a day you play: this season 10+ per day. Why do you want to join Anonymous Community: Good sized clan, friendly members and ofcourse Sp33dy. How did you hear about us?: invited by Sp33dy. Have you played DMM Before? Yes List all names you had in DMM: Only ever used "Mightnares" as my main. Do you know anyone in Anonymous Community,If so whom?: Sp33dy. If this is not in the correct section just let me know and i'll delete and move it.
  2. Hey Guys, Mightnares here aKa Evan, I've been playing runescape since around 2005, I love PK'ing singles and multi. I am really enjoying the Seasonal Deadman Mode, I think it brings great content to the game. I'm from the U.K and 24 Years old, Looking forward to pking some banks with you guys on deadman. Cheers