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  1. Current Rsn: Mightnares Previous Rsn: N/A Location & Timezone: GMT +0 United Kingdom About Yourself: well, I'm just a part time runescape player now'a days. Hoping to smash the life out of this DMM seasonal though, haven't played a seasonal since the season Sp33dy20 invited me to join AC after we had a very intense team fight @ rock crabs to which my team was outnumbered by AC but still managed to clutch a few kills and win Let's remake this with AC winning every fight How many Hrs a day you play: this season 10+ per day. Why do you want to join Anonymous Community: Good sized clan, friendly members and ofcourse Sp33dy. How did you hear about us?: invited by Sp33dy. Have you played DMM Before? Yes List all names you had in DMM: Only ever used "Mightnares" as my main. Do you know anyone in Anonymous Community,If so whom?: Sp33dy. If this is not in the correct section just let me know and i'll delete and move it.
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