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  1. Current Rsn: C4 PIT 4L Previous Rsn: eazy-hcim (waiting till ironman status gets revoked). Location & Timezone: CEST About Yourself: Stopped playing at Season 6 got banned halfway.. started a ironman in 2019, did revoke my status but takes some days. How many Hrs a day you play: Well with corona rigth now i cant work, and i always was the kinda no-life so.. allot. Why do you want to join Anonymous Community: Was with you guys in the first Seasons of sdmm. How did you hear about us?: As i said, i was with AC before. Have you played DMM Before? Yes. List all names you had in DMM: Fatal Cheese, ILILILILI, TATA, LiT TiCK Do you know anyone in Anonymous Community,If so whom: Welp.. i do know Sp33dy but ya who doesnt.. πŸ˜‚ dont really remember any more names.
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