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  1. so i have this picture that i took years ago before i was even introduced to AC and pre EOC, and i actually want to use it for my profile picture. when i try it says its to large so it skipps it, is there anyway i can edit this to make it fit? can anyone help? https://gyazo.com/3f35d17a6e6c1cf931eb2dcf65ca9492
  2. i just want to say that im looking forward to hanging out and getting to know everyone from AC better. last night was fun saimps we def should do that again! ps. ma rs name until i can rechange is (manbuns) but originally idiotas xD See you guys around xD
  3. hello puppet. good sht. nice coner McGregor pic btw. savegary
  4. beautiful man. going to get many presents from rs santa this year xD
  5. fucken love pking with this squad. #norunning and items will be smited e z monies and clears. good shit fam see ya out in our wild
  6. "if you want me" lol girls tell me that shit right before I put my dick in em. ily bitch<3 (tank)
  7. Idiotas


    What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as A: IDIOTAS is fine by me bruvs. Eventually it can change. What timezone are you in A:Im here chilling in Los Angeles California. pacific time zone Current display name A:IDI0TAS About yourself A:Yo whats up Gents. I'm an ex infamous member pre eoc. When Inf closed I really didn't pk much I began to pvm and also became addicted with a little place known as the duel arena. currently a recovering stakecoholic. shit hurts man. In real life I'm an actual alcoholic I bartend at some kool joint in Hollywood, if any of you boys ever around shoot through i got you! beer on me! Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats) A:at the moment my cb lvl is 118. used to be an only range/mage tank account. my stats are as follows : 99 hp 99 defence 96 range 90attack&strenght 80 prayer. I am although currently working on 99 str next as my goal. Do you plan on joining AC? A:i would very much so love to join an account that's active and isn't shit like jaja. ive come across you gentlemen and I hope I'm right on that you guys aren't shit like jaja. thanks for the invite mates pking with u guys with inf was fun and even know just chilling with ya u all seem kool. hope to not hear much ragging. (I don't own rag sets.) so if you boys out raggin count me out gents ill just go watch some tv and come back when we ballin out. List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship A:ive heard of speedy from my infamous generals/leader and just heard some of your voices on ts. but hope to meet more of you and fuck shit up in the wildy. aside from pking during the day I like pking late at night after work drunk(when I pk best) so if ya ever down lets get a swat team going and smite some ags's.