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  1. so i have this picture that i took years ago before i was even introduced to AC and pre EOC, and i actually want to use it for my profile picture. when i try it says its to large so it skipps it, is there anyway i can edit this to make it fit? can anyone help? https://gyazo.com/3f35d17a6e6c1cf931eb2dcf65ca9492
  2. i just want to say that im looking forward to hanging out and getting to know everyone from AC better. last night was fun saimps we def should do that again! ps. ma rs name until i can rechange is (manbuns) but originally idiotas xD See you guys around xD
  3. beautiful man. going to get many presents from rs santa this year xD
  4. fucken love pking with this squad. #norunning and items will be smited e z monies and clears. good shit fam see ya out in our wild
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