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  1. Welcome to the family bro, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. Onyx


    Got into drugs, lost one job, went to rehab, got out, played RS and got a job. Hell of a lot better job then before too.
  3. Onyx

    Fettty Intro

    Solid stats mate, PM me in game if you ever need anything SB Onyx
  4. Get some agility levels bro! Welcome to the clan!
  5. Get that agility to at least 70 mate, it’s worth it.
  6. Onyx

    Skytea Intro

    Hello fellow bait, was fun last night.
  7. Onyx

    Hi im Clow!

    Nice stats! Work on getting that agil to at least 70, it's so worth it.
  8. Onyx


    Oh my God it's Zezma!
  9. Hi Clow, welcome to the community. Posted in the wrong forum though!
  10. Onyx

    Le Krak

    Ayyyyy mate welcome.
  11. Onyx


    It's been two years mate, a lot changes. How have you been?
  12. Onyx


    Heya Eleet, wecome to the community. IGN is SB Onyx if you ever need help.