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  1. Hell yeah boys! AC on fire this week!
  2. Gang Gang! Rolling in the wild with our 64, massed out here dropping some noob.
  3. AC is out here playing Farming Simulator for 6 Nights in a row!!!! I'm at a loss for words because we got protection cc's struggling and farmers crying, I have never seen loot become this easy. It's like taking candy from a baby.
  4. Yo could we do a repeat tmo? I want another staff for my collection log.
  5. I heard they are struggling to keep up with second place never mind even coming close to #Team AwFuL
  6. AC doing rev protection now! HMU for prices on our new Rev CC " AC REVS" LMFAO
  7. Spur of the moment PK trips with the boys tonight, we pulled 20 ops in a few minutes with no prior notice! Good shit boys with the massive clear on 420 at Vet'ion, after they caught one of our boys we showed up and they went running with their tails tucked; looks like there trip was ended before it even began! After the deep wildy was cleared of the small teams we moved into a nice rev cave clear. SR showed up to defend their venny cash cows and got smoked! They couldn't even regear in those adamant warrior setups. After clearing those 25K walking loots we got a great amount of their "PvMers" for some juice. Chewsday was a good day, RIP Rev Caves soon JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!
  8. This shit made me cry laughing haha
  9. Yo nice job today guys! Even the person with the Nokia Flip Phone Picture!
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