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  1. override? wtf is that lol.. look like a bunch of Venezuelans to me 😕
  2. Override a bunch of dogs all bark no bite. The rev cave vennys have more coordination Another ez win for AC
  3. Massed up some shooters for our weekly Sunday PK starting off deep clearing a couple small teams near Vetion before eventually moving to GDZ/Bear. There we ran into a few VR fighting them for 10 minutes before they ran to singles and we decided to pull out and head to rev caves to find some real action. We Farmed rev caves uncontested filling our looting bags up while clearing every team in sight, VR tried rushing us while we were clapping out a small team and we instantly turned our attention to them 1 banging their mages smiting in robes (lol). Once we killed Cera it was clear they were lost and we quickly transitioned through the rest of VR clearing them easily. Later CT decided to show up in rag ballista with one of their biggest pulls of the year (8 people) so we took care of them within a minute or so and called it a day. Good Fight VR + CT thanks for the action.
  4. Was a good scrap, another dub for the boys
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