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  1. looked like feast nice loots
  2. grats bro thats a good one to get out of way, wildy altar op
  3. Anonymous Community celebrated its 7th anniversary today in style by massing up 60+ mustard sleeve warriors to cleanse the wilderness of anti-ac filth. 7 years of domination in the 07 and DMM scene is something we're proud of and it shows in the dedicated members who have stuck around for all these years. This Sunday we went out like we always do ready to tear it up taking on SV + TS, VR and NL. We will be dominating DMM like usual. Submit your application below! APPLY FOR DMM We had organized a fight with NL but they kept pushing the time back so we set our eyes on whatever we could find. Our intel told us that SV/VR were fighting near vetion so we quickly re positioned our squad and rushed them from dwarves. They were caught off guard walking into multiple barrage clumps as our piles transitioned from group to group. The fight dragged its way up through lavas and GDZ where SV were force to mege CC's with Team Sweden (LOL) We fought 1 v 2 like so many other times holding our own before eventually deciding to pull out and take our army else where. VR had asked us for a fight which we obviously accepted but it became more of a 5 minute al kharid farming session for the fellas. VR had around 35 shooters and were very quickly wiped off the map with the majority of AC smiting and tbing the entire time. Needless to say they weren't happy about getting blown up. As we still waited patiently for NL to finally fight us AC being the big money clan it is hosted giveaways in the hundreds of mils. Including bonds in preparation for our annual DMM drive (feel free to apply in our dmm section) APPLY FOR DMM Finally NL had finished massing up.. 17 or so members so we thought we might as well follow through with our initial plan. Cleared them off the map in around 30 second sand called it a day. Good fight SV +TS + VR +NL Maybe next time boys!
  4. ac front line workers doing their part to put this horrible virus to an end. Thank you for your contribution friends ty for loot
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