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  1. AC just keeps making bank off these failed clans
  2. Was great loot today, great job boys. And wtf happened to VR?
  3. AC went out for our regular Sunday trip looking for a fight. To start we went deep towards Annakarl and Glory hill, finding a PvM clan doing a Callisto mass. Instantly the clan showed their confidence, skulling up on #1 Freezer, ULF Tagger, which was a huge mistake. AC logged into a skulled feast, satisfying us with loot for the rest of the day. Callisto was eventually wiped clean and we moved to castle, clearing a few more teams. Unfortunately there were no teams out besides the ones in snakeskin at rev caves, so we moved to Vetion where we had a leak on the Wuhan Warriors and their disappointing 15 members. Wuhan didn't put up a fight so we told VR to come hit us. AC cleared VR 3 times in a row, to the point where they returned in addy kites to flex their banks to us. After 1 more clear we finished up the day feasting on Plex worlds at Revs, clearing up their pvmers.
  4. AC pure gang went out last night, hitting the rev caves, deep wilderness, and high risk worlds. While we were out on the pures, we scouted a few mains risking more than they should have. We quickly geared up to hit them, sending them back to Lumbridge never to enter the wilderness again. Its safe to say bank was made. (Also congrats to Stacked on 99 prayer, you won't lose anymore staffs)
  5. AC scheduled a fight with 420, but after DK said they wouldn't be able to help them, they canceled the fight. Determined to feed the boys, AC moved to Annakarl in hopes of finding a fight. Shortly after, we bumped into Mamma. Both teams returned in risk for over an hour. We moved back and forth between GDZ and Glory Hill for an hour, clearing them several times. After the hour both teams pulled out to meet up at Edge bank. Respect for having a real fight with proper returns, something that is difficult to find now days ❤️
  6. its kinda exhausting at this point really, wtf are these kids doing in our caves
  7. Something something, SR is dead. FeelsBadMan, dead clan bad. Rest in peace SR, your free loot will be missed🙏
  8. AC decided with revenants being removed soon, and every world being filled with rats that scurry at the sight of a clan, it was time we take back the wilderness. We hopped back and forth between the skulled revs worlds for about 2 hours, destroying their business and reputation. SR is a failed clan and will end up like jaja after revs are gone, sad days for them Skulled Revs is irrelevant, enough said. AC protection services now available boys!
  9. AC started the day hopping through Rev Caves, clearing pvmers and pkers alike. After farming enough loot we decided we might as well take on the total worlds. Plex was a no brainer, as his crew is easy farms for +1's. AC continued to lock down Plex's worlds for over half an hour, destroying their pvmers motivation to ever pay for their "protection" again. After a few smites, we decided it wasn't worth it to clear raggers for the next few hours, so we hopped to Vetion with ops. Team after team were cleared until every pker at Vetion was demotivated to return to their deaths every world.
  10. El gringo sigue enojado jajajajjajajjajajajajja
  11. El cartel comenzó el día en Scorpia por algunos puntos rápidos de los shrads. Después de dos caídas rápidas para un punto sólido, cambiamos nuestra atención a las cuevas de revoluciones. Una y otra vez, los soldados venezolanos fueron aplaudidos por pesos fáciles de Gielnor.
  12. The gang went out for some late night pking, all around the wilderness. We found loot, whales, and fights for hours. Started the night with some pure pking with AC's pure unit at the Chaos Altar, where we bumped into another team. We fought them for a good half hour, clearing them 3-0. After a few good fights we moved on to dbow rushing at deep altar where we found the true whales. And to end the night we hit up castle and Callisto to find more pvmers and another team to fight.
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