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  1. With VR in shambles, their week prep was canceled after AC told them our ops and location. Looking for action elsewhere, the boys hopped around Glory Hill and GDZ. Shortly after, a pure war was found between BP and SF, so we quickly made work of their members, smiting the lot. Some returned with mains, but were unable to fight back and drink restores at the same time. The pure clans ran west to singles near Rev caves, and AC teled out with the loot. After resupplying, our leak let us know VR had finally decided to enter the wilderness while we were preoccupied. Determined to close object
  2. AC started the usual spur deep wild pk trip, hopping after 50's and Callisto. Countless small man teams were cleared, until we bumped into a few UNK at GDZ. Instantly our ops rushed in and cleared their first wave. Shortly after they massed up and teled back up. Realizing the potential, AC rushed out the east side of GDZ, pulling their entire group of melle campers into a 7 man barrage clump. Scrambling, UNK tried to retreat towards gap, where they were frozen and slapped down by the storm of AC. With UNK cleared for the second time we resupplied and made our way back to GDZ to hit their
  3. GF deathrow, shame to see how far VR have fallen
  4. With VR bullied out of the wilderness, AC's only option was to bully everything else we could find. AC dominated the entire wilderness, without any competition. It was quite unfortunate since we were looking for some action, but the loot from the no names did not disappoint. Upsetting how far VR has fallen. If any clans know what happened to VR let us know. I fear the worst has happened and they closed once again
  5. AC started with a quick revs hit to hype up the boys, seeing as VR turned down a fight once again due to not being able to out pull us. Swiftly the boys ran through protected worlds having a little bit of fun before sending it deep. After a while of this we decided it was time to look for loot better than addy kites and snakeskin bandannas. The next spot was Vetion, as we got some info that VR was hiding there after declining a fight, and avoiding at the caves. AC rushed to the north and the fighting started clearing their first line, while the stragglers ran through us to the 30 line. VR
  6. Following the success of last nights Callisto trip, AC wandered back to the deep wild for more loot. Oddly enough there were masses in just about every world, and they were ready to skull up and protect their brother. Unfortunately for them, skulling up would send them straight to Lumbridge after the rest of the clan logged in. Rag Lavas also tried to pipe up so we clapped them at GDZ in 30 seconds, not much else to say.
  7. The AC dream team went out for a late night Callisto trip, and it did not disappoint. Time after time teams were cleared by just the three of us. Shows the quality of AC over the mass of failed teams.
  8. AC geared up for the usual Sunday trip where we patrolled the wilderness hunting loot and teams. We started Callisto where we found several PvM clans with the balls to skull up. Unfortunately their confidence wouldn't remain when the rest of the boys logged in to steal their sets. After clearing Callisto of PvM and small PK teams we switched things up to Revs. Its always enjoyable to hit the protection worlds for some good loot and a fun scrap, so we decided to bully Plex for about 30 minutes. We noticed they were running low on addy kites when they returned in 1 item toxic staffs, so we
  9. AC just keeps making bank off these failed clans
  10. Was great loot today, great job boys. And wtf happened to VR?
  11. AC went out for our regular Sunday trip looking for a fight. To start we went deep towards Annakarl and Glory hill, finding a PvM clan doing a Callisto mass. Instantly the clan showed their confidence, skulling up on #1 Freezer, ULF Tagger, which was a huge mistake. AC logged into a skulled feast, satisfying us with loot for the rest of the day. Callisto was eventually wiped clean and we moved to castle, clearing a few more teams. Unfortunately there were no teams out besides the ones in snakeskin at rev caves, so we moved to Vetion where we had a leak on the Wuhan Warriors and their disa
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