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  1. The boys in AC had a clean fight Vs. Apex today up at Vetion. Both teams held their own well, kill off the random ragger instantly before getting back into the fight. Great work from both teams, and hope to fight you lads again! ? Side note, why the fuck did DR close, the wilderness was more fun when we got to make them look stupid on the daily. Legit BR, DR, VR, and now BR for a second time have closed, just stay open lmao.
  2. Great work this season to all my AC brother! I have tried my best to gather a majority of the decent kills, bank keys, and PVM drops that were collected along the way. ? Enjoy! ? Here's an ungrateful brother that elected to skip the 1v1's instead of buy his gear back (knowing what we know now, kind of a smart move NGL). The raids group put in some good work, getting enough money to supply our top NHer's, and themselves! We also farmed in an ungodly amount of Dinny B's, so lets not do that again. We even had a full set of crystal with a Bofa on day 4 (collected by big dick Tagger).
  3. Lithuanians and Anonymous Community were looking for a small scrap, however due to timezones we were forced to fight early EST. We massed our degenerates that weren't at work and teled up for a fight. From GDZ to Glory Hill the single piles and clumps were strong from both teams. Everyone was enjoying the intense action, but we called the fight at the 30 minute mark like we scheduled. Good fight LT!
  4. The boys decided it was about time for another scrap, so AC and EZ prepped their shooters. The fight began east of Bandit Camp, where both teams had good single piles and a few good clumps. After roughly 30 minutes a random friends group tried to rush in, so we anti barraged them and switched spots to continue the action. We went for another 10 minutes before calling it at 40 minutes of clean action. Thanks for the fight EZ!
  5. Haven't had much motivation to make a topic recently since anti AC lives rent free in my head, and they haven't been out so what am I to do? Well turns out DR followed suit to VR and closed as well, so that's that, no more anti AC. This doesn't affect us too much, since we still have fun wars and pk trips, but there's no one to be the laughing stock of the clan world left. So anyway, here's some of the shit we've been doing while I waited to see if DR could manage to stay open.
  6. Did a small man trip today, wasn't really planning on making a topic. Unfortunately VR decided to make another propaganda topic saying they cleared us and ended our trip, very strange. What actually happened is we cleared VR multiple times at Callisto, to the point they were suicide returning. Eventually this bought them time to call a 1 item clan, the Supgl guys whoever they're with, so we clumped them in new gate and got to 50 ports with almost 0 deaths (obv 1 itemers can't do much). Once we got edge, we resupplied and teled straight back up, and to no surprise VR had ended and started work on a fake topic. ? Add me on discord Allu ? Here's the footage of them teaming with 1 itemer's, thanks for literally recording it for us. XD 001ef328c4a0fb703c54daa368d7bae4.mp4
  7. Last night Elite Zerks decided they wanted to have some clean fun and scrap with AC, so we happily agreed. Both teams gathered their troops for a fight, slapping each other back and forth. The fight was clean, and the non-existent anti AC was no where to be seen. I'm starting to think the DVR alliance has completely fallen to pieces. Will they prove me wrong?
  8. Today was AC's 8 year anniversary, showing our endurance in the clan world. Last year CT, JAJA, and several other clans collapsed after their attempts at closing AC failed. Starting off our birthday strong, we hosted several giveaways for our members in a variety of ways. PKRANGE won Dragon Claws in a game of infection mansion. JMONG made off with God knows how many Toxic Staffs from the drop party in the woods. Once the first few hundred mil had been won, we geared up to go hit a timeless enemy, DVR. AC moved up to Lava Dragon Isle where we knew DVR was trying to have a pk trip. Before finding DVR, we bumped into our boys over at Bloody Revs, who were also hunting some DVR victims. With some new info on DVR's world, we logged in and began slaughtering every one of their members, not letting any get out. With their feelings hurt after their week prep was cleared, they called the rest of their alliance. This call initiated a fight that would wrap their alliance into a suicide event for the next 7 hours. Spanning from Glory Hill, all the way to 44 ports, the anti AC alliance was dismantled. Eventually enough of their members had been smited for their crystal bows, that they called their trip, yet again taking another loss. To end the night, the boys on discord celebrated with drinks, and plenty more giveaways. We even dropped a singles pker during one of our tank tests. Tonight was a beautiful night for AC. Thanks for the amazing day brothers. Here's to another year! ?
  9. During our usual pk trip, we ended up bumping into Elite Zerks. Keen on having a real fight where the enemy dont get cleared in 2 minutes just to return in 1 item, we grouped for a fight. AC defended, while EZ attacked GDZ. The fight was back and forth for nearly an hour, with great piles and clumps from both teams. At the end EZ had to return to their scheduled plans, so we called the fight and dipped. EST remains uncontested, as im unsure where the afore mention rag clan know as DVR has been hiding.
  10. AC wandered the wilderness tonight, clearing every location we went to. We ended up finding DVR trying to pk deep, so we put an end to that. Pouting, the remaining 3 DVR members continued to tele up to GDZ, in an attempt to salvage their claims of being "Kings of EST". Eventually we bumped into PD to the east of Callisto, fighting them for a while. After both teams went to resupply, we went up to 50 ports where we found DVR and their venny team SOG massed up. Immediately we began running through them, dropping their members' moral. The alliance eventually had enough of the bullying and decided to call another team to help them, BC. All 3 of these clans returned in 1 item crystal bows, so we took our win, several +1's, and called it a day.
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