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  1. Today was AC's 8 year anniversary, showing our endurance in the clan world. Last year CT, JAJA, and several other clans collapsed after their attempts at closing AC failed. Starting off our birthday strong, we hosted several giveaways for our members in a variety of ways. PKRANGE won Dragon Claws in a game of infection mansion. JMONG made off with God knows how many Toxic Staffs from the drop party in the woods. Once the first few hundred mil had been won, we geared up to go hit a timeless enemy, DVR. AC moved up to Lava Dragon Isle where we knew DVR was trying to have a pk trip. Before
  2. During our usual pk trip, we ended up bumping into Elite Zerks. Keen on having a real fight where the enemy dont get cleared in 2 minutes just to return in 1 item, we grouped for a fight. AC defended, while EZ attacked GDZ. The fight was back and forth for nearly an hour, with great piles and clumps from both teams. At the end EZ had to return to their scheduled plans, so we called the fight and dipped. EST remains uncontested, as im unsure where the afore mention rag clan know as DVR has been hiding.
  3. AC wandered the wilderness tonight, clearing every location we went to. We ended up finding DVR trying to pk deep, so we put an end to that. Pouting, the remaining 3 DVR members continued to tele up to GDZ, in an attempt to salvage their claims of being "Kings of EST". Eventually we bumped into PD to the east of Callisto, fighting them for a while. After both teams went to resupply, we went up to 50 ports where we found DVR and their venny team SOG massed up. Immediately we began running through them, dropping their members' moral. The alliance eventually had enough of the bullying and d
  4. I coulda sworn DVR said they were the kings of EST, maybe I was mistaken cuz god damn did they get boddied in their timezone XD
  5. Tonight was not a good look for VR. They believed they could go have some high risk fun up at GDZ, but AC made sure that wouldn't happen. Once VR realized the damage that had been done, they hopped on damage control. VR first claimed it was an old picture, but after the video came out they clapped back with the classic "who cares about $60". After this, AC made off with another huge claw pk from a wannabe singles team. Runelite 2021.04.16 -
  6. Today was a steady day of pking for the boys. Not too much was out, but what was daring enough to enter the wilderness today was quickly shot down. We ended up getting into scraps with several other teams, giving us some fun action. A couple times throughout the night DVR tried to make an appearance, but were instantly cleared so we could get back to our fights. Towards the end of the night DVR brought their Green D'hide and crystal bow sets to Vetion for one of their regular pk trips. Entertained by the clowns, AC decided it would be fun to clear them for a bit. Once only 3 DVR were ret
  7. Well it ain't a Bruciebear topic, but damn was it fun af. Tons of loot and teams clapped. AC stays winning
  8. AC started the morning off great, hopping around the wilderness and clapping small man teams for loot. Eventually we bumped into some DF members at GDZ and fought them for a few minutes. Knowing they would want to have a scrap just as much as we did, we moved to 50 ports and waited for them to prepare. DF went north of 50 ports logged in, initiating the fight. Both teams fought hard, pushing back and forth between port and the northern ocean. Eventually several 1 item teams logged in, so we barraged them until the kills became boring. AC and DF both had strong returns. Thanks for the fi
  9. WTF was that DVR lmao. for your sake I wouldn't try that again, but its definitely entertaining for us so keep trying XD
  10. For a second night in a row, the DVR alliance has attempted to have a peaceful pk trip, which as we all know is not possible. It all started at Castle, where we killed several of their members on loggin, forcing the others to stay logged out. DVR then made their way down to Vetion, where they believed they would be safe below 30. This move would prove pointless, as we had Tb's ready to trap their frightened members from escaping. DVR was eventually bullied to 0 item suiciding, before ending their trip for the night.
  11. @Toronto Man you got to do the birthday event topic nothing topics that. And keep me out ur mentions in ur topics just to boost ur shit lmao
  12. @Toronto Man stop bumping ur old topics lol
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