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  1. Homie needs to stop worrying about in game spams and focus on tanking! My boy @Allu x making him pay for that one #AC
  2. This Sunday saw AC going up against EZ for a Pre-Scheduled fight deep within the wilderness. The initial fight started off west of GDZ with AC beginning to catch clumps and kicking off EZ's returns. With the fight starting to swing in AC's favour, VR decided to test their luck. Agreeing on a Team On Crash rule, the fight was paused as the target was now onto VR. After a quick clean up on the crash, the fight was then taken to Ghorrock Multi north of KBD. Quick returns and Massive clumps kept EZ on their toes, as well as needing to re-gear time and time again. Thanks Again EZ for the clean action! #AC
  3. AC feasting this weekend! Good pull today and solid transitions on piles! Great day for AC!
  4. Bro it was one time ahaha! Farming wildy last night #AC #Puregang
  5. Another easy sweep of the caves!
  6. Great Fight and Solid effort and returns by the boys in AC! Keep it up and TY for the fight ❤️
  7. Sorry I didn't make it on fellas was spending time with the wifeyy, but looks like you guys feasted.. another SR farm for AC!
  8. Imagine dying with 8+ pnecks, SR are on their last leg. Great trip boys!
  9. Damn looks like I missed out on a solid trip! Good work fellas! #AC
  10. Ty for Staff! Imagine paying Plex for protection lol..
  11. Free loot all night for the boys! #AC
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