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  1. Fuck ya wheres my boyu karlos he spied on them for me! datta boy karlos!
  2. what a retard ez loot 100m ez vr get wreck
  3. haha im a big hit these days, couldnt do it with my trusty sidekick karlos!!! thx boys. great fights good loot today
  4. Another very routine night for AC. Clearing the wilderness from all clans in sight, DVR🤮 alliance especially. We decided to move down to lavas after clearing callisto and castle. While moving to lavas we bumped into the small remains of the DVR🤮 alliance. Making faster work than ever from them. It is easy to see that they are useless and their leaders cannot lead with all their mental health issues. Then we cleared lavas and moved to GDZ to clear them again. DVR🤮 was once again cleared out and did not want to return, AC decided to call it a night due to a lack of alliances to crush in the wild
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