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  1. Soooooo two or three days ago were at Corp and I get a Spectral on my 66th KC.. Well here today were at Bandos and on 31 KC we got ourselves a nice set of Tassys baby! Nice little 6.25M split for us! hopefully it isn't over and we can get some more good loots:)!
  2. My first ever Sigil sighting! An I just happened to get it as well, which made it even more bad ass! Literally couldn't fucking believe my eyes!
  3. Goood Job guys.. Wish I coulda been there
  4. Yes you did miss out Matt! You literally just disappeared!
  5. So i pretty much had an amazing few trips to Vene today.. On my 12 Kill count I some how ended up getting a beautiful Dragon Pickax Drop.. Then a very mere 17 kills later I happened to get a Pet. I was dual logged into my zerker, who was assisting me with the kills. This is my first ever pet on any account I have played and I almost don't even seem like it's real. Can't believe what kinda luck I had to have to get those two drops within 20 kills, but it fucking happened!:)
  6. Damn dude thats insane. I think I'm gonna have to go do that!
  7. Some great old photos of me and the Dk Unit. Haha great times.
  8. Hell ya sounds to me like this is for me to win:)
  9. Yooo guys whattup guys I just wanted to inform you guys that I am officially back online I will be way more active on forums and for sure active on rs.. I have been gone from RS07 for about 5 or 6 months now and I lost all my money so I am trying to rebuild slowly. Once im up to where I need to be I will be ready to join everyone and get to PKing and PVMing.
  10. I can't wait for GWD it's gonna be unreal because we already know what we need and how to do it.. It's kinda like cheating almost.
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