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  1. To any old school ranks still with AC, at least Jim is now with bixman. May they both rest in peace forever and to all that don't know who bixman is. He is an old AC rank who also died. Both of these guys were among the most chill people around. They will always be remembered.
  2. https://www.gofundme.com/2rqm3sp8?ssid=754233343&pos=1 Just today, I found out my friend Jim, who was always AC from the start, has passed away. This brings me to tears cause he was the one of the first friends I met on Runescape. I am generally upset about this situation and sad to see one of the most chill guys I knew pass on to the next life. I generally don't care about y'all flaming me, this is a remembrance for Jim. When I started Runescape when I was younger, I just casually met him around the game and he introduced me to new friends such as Corey (Good friend of ours), Devon (Younger guy but was always nice), Matt (Out Da Jam, who y'all know) and his brother, Michael. We always played the game to have fun and they always encouraged me to stay and play the game till the release of EOC where we transferred our group to private servers. However, as soon as the OSRS servers were released, Jim, Michael, Matt and Dandruff (Old AC who is now with SV), told me about the clan I used to call home, Anonymous Community. At that point, I was not fond of clanning at all, I just came on the teamspeak to chill with those 4 mainly and to meet some other people. I still remember the mind shield incident where Matt and the others were like, "Wtf why you using a mind shield?", as I was just a low level and had no true interest in pking or doing so. After that, I realized to just keep training till the release of DMM. Before DMM was released, our group started to go their own ways, except for me, Jim, Corey and Devon who casually still talked to eachother once and awhile. I will never forget though, how much he encouraged me to play the game to the fullest and to know what the game is for. To have fun with the people who you call friends. The game is not meant to ruin that fun for others, but to enjoy a community to the fullest. That is what Jim taught me. All I can say now dude, is I hope God is taking good care of you in Heaven, and I hope, myself and Matt can talk with your brother to keep him healthy. And to Matt, please talk to me when you get the chance and tell Michael to do the same. I wish you both the best of luck. Anyways to Jim, I hope you rest in peace, you will always be considered my friend. Take care. Sincerely, your friend Tanner/KingTheGreat
  3. LMFAO I hate his voice, nice job Dripping
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