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Found 2 results

  1. AC decided to take to the wilderness on this Saturday night in hopes to find some juicy loot in the depths of the wilderness. Starting out at Callisto/Glory hill the boys farmed the multiple masses of Verac's as well as some small pk teams. Finally running into CS at glory hill, the fight would make it's way west past GDZ, through gap as the fight started to swing heavily in AC's favor. As the fight kept moving south towards Vetion, with CS members on their heels AC kept moving the push forward through the single piles and barrage clumps with ease. Having the fight dragged down all the way to
  2. Hey. I am Far heaven and I would like to know if there is anyone here playing Counter-Strike Global:Offensive. If there are anyone who plays csgo please leave your steam profile link down below. Other people can add you for a competetive match. If anyone would like to add me on steam. Feel free to! My steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Marshallen4president ( Btw my rank is LE but after rank system update MG1 )
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