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Found 21 results

  1. Just making a quick topic for you guys to give some basic ideas on how to start this deadman season. This season the following changes have been made: !MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AUTHENTICATOR ADDED TO THE ACCOUNT YOU ARE PLAYING ON! You can now enter the Revenant caves, and they will only drop Revenant ether, Bracelet of ethereum, Ancient crystal, Viggora's chainmace, Craw's bow, Thammaron's sceptre and the Amulet of Avarice and ALL the other drops are removed from the dorp table. Each week in this season more things will be unlocked: Week 1 - Revenant uniques Week 2 - Wilderness bosses uniques Week 3 - Barrows uniques Week 4 - God Wars Dungeon bosses uniques So if the season is not dead in week 3, you can go and farm barrows for items, otherwise, still not worth going there. BIG UPDATE: The looting bag can now be used anywhere in the game, no need to be in the wilderness now. This gives a huge adantage when killing bosses so you do not have to drop food. The XP caps have again, been changed. Ranged: 700k per day Magic/Defence 1050k per day Attack/Strenght 1050k per day There is also a new global loot table to ALL npc's in game, altough it is very rare to receive one of those drops the rewards are great. : Robin hood hat, Ranger boots, 3rd age full helmet, 3rd age platebody, 3rd age platelegs, 3rd age kiteshield, 3rd age mage hat, 3rd age robe top, 3rd age robe, 3rd age range coif, 3rd age range top, 3rd age range legs, 3rd age vambraces, Dragon full helm, Dragon kiteshield, Dragon platebody, Dragon platelegs, Dragon plateskirt, Gilded full helm, Gilded platebody, Gilded platelegs, Rangers' tunic, Abyssal whip, Amulet of fury, Berserker ring, Seers ring, Archers ring, Dragon battleaxe, Dragon halberd and Dark bow. The following quests will be automatically completed: Animal Magnetism, Death Plateau, Dragon Slayer, Heroes' Quest, The Lost Tribe, Monkey Madness, and the first stage of Recipe for Disaster. Here are some of the build you can aim for the first day, and build yourself up from there: !MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AUTHENTICATOR ADDED TO THE ACCOUNT YOU ARE PLAYING ON! Day 1 Melee Ranged build (By @Alex) 65 Attack 65 Strenght 40 Defence 50 Range 1. Spawn in Lumbridge, get starter pack, train 20/20/20 at north cows, get wines from draynor (1gp ea) 2. Get 10k from Stronghold, buy adamant sword and bone cbow, bone bolts, 6 air, 6 earth, 6 water. Bank all except Runes/Food. 3. Teleport to Gnome Stronghold with grand exchange tree, start Waterfall. 4. Walk to Ardy, buy rope, walk to Tree gnome. 5. Finish Waterfall. 6. Walk to Cammy, buy stews, AFK str/attack/defense at rock crabs. 7. At 60/60/30, do fight arena, vampire slayer, holy grail 8. Finish 65/65/40 by training anywhere, Do NOT get more xp in those skills untill you have completed ranged 9. Get 50 Ranged Day 1 Ranged Wildy slayer build 66 Ranged 40 Defence 40 Magic 1. Spawn in lumbridge, get your starter pack and go north and kill a couple cows/ chickens with ranged, and walk towards Varrock 2. Get your 10k from the stronghold, walk down and get your avas attractor for 1k 3. And then walk towards burthope and get your first slayer task from Turael 4. Finish that task with Ranged and get a new task once done from the wildy slayer master and continue the range grind through wildy slayer 5. OPTIONAL is to kill green dragons before starting wildy slayer to get your prayer up 6. Get 40 magic as well with the starter staff to be able to teleport around the game Day 1 Mage Red Dragons build 60 Ranged 60 Magic 40 Defence 1.First spawn in varrock and go get the 10k 2. then home tele grab starter pack and anti d shield, make your way to draynor buy chronice(300gp) and 4 teleportcards(600gp) 3. then walk back to lumby and use free tele to varrock from the lad in the graveyard 4. once at varrock buy fire staff 1700gp with the remaining money (make sure to keep roughly 1k for boat and entrance fee to brimhaven dungeon) 5. Buy fire strikes or bone bolts and make your way towards g.e and take the tree spirit to gnome stronghold 6. Train to 30 agility and 26woodcutting once you have done that take the tree spirit to battle of khazard then walk toward ardy east bank grab what ever supplies you may need ( if you want steal some cakes) and take the boat to brimhaven(30gp) once in brimhaven walk south till you get to the dungeon make sure you have your axe 7. Make sure to have 1k coins in order to go inside there. 8. There is Always people doing this that you can ask for advice if there is something you do not understand !MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AUTHENTICATOR ADDED TO THE ACCOUNT YOU ARE PLAYING ON! Special guide for the Rimmington Warriors 1. First run to and get your 10k from barb vill. 2. Run back to varrock and buy studded body and studded chaps from horviks shop has anvil in it 3. Buy a maple shortbow or bonecross bow whichever ur prefer im maple shortin 4. Home teleport to Lumbridge 5. Next buy adamant gloves from the chest under the kitchen in lummy castle **note were buying adamant because were budget as fuck rn 6.Return to the front of the castle and claim your starter pack from any of the tutors north of the castle. 7. Once were this far we want to start training until we are back to 100% run energy try to get your studded equip to take up less space. 8. When youre 100% run make your way to draynor maynor and buy yourself a ava’s attractor *Note you cannot use avas accumulator until 40 range therefore u only need 990 gp and dont need steel arrows. 9.Once we have our ava’s were are already looking very powerful we make our way to draynor and buy a chronical and some teleport cards for varrock teles and escapes. 10. And last but not least fellas we make our way down to rimmington where there we can buy adamant arrows are the archery shop and use the guy to unnote food. Another thing is there are 2 level 3 men that spawn upstairs in rimmington that are great to train on if youre skulled or looking for ranarrs for cash. PM SAIMPS in game for guidance for this route!
  2. DeadScape DMM BETA is being released on Saturday 5th November 3PM GMT! Prepare yourselves for the ultimate DMM experience!Hello, and welcome to the DeadScape advertisement thread. Our goal is too bring you the best of OSRS deadman mode content, tweeked to give you an RSPS deadman experience like no other. DeadScape has been in development for a while now. We are going to be holding many polls on our brand new website [Only registered and activated users on rune-server can see links. ] so we can get a very good idea of the community's opinions and ideas. Your vote could impact changes/updates to DeadScape, so come along and get your vote in! Some of the things you can expect from DeadScape DMM Beta: A very unique experience Latest OSRS content Amazing combat system for both PvP and PvM Community driven development The majority of OSRS global mob spawns have been added (dumped from OSRS) Perfectly working skull timer of 20 minutes Zeah (including mobs and dungeons) Almost every skill is fully working (Construction is currently being developed) Key shortcuts to skip dialogues like OSRS (1,2,3,4, space) Stronghold of security with chest rewards A lot of transportation methods (Magic carpet, most rings and necklaces, spirit trees, gnome gliders, xerics talisman, canoes, fairy rings...) Fully working kourend's dungeon with correct spawns Puro puro For more info and pictures click on this link: https://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/advertise/643359-dmm-deadscape-greatest-dmm-rsps-beta-being-released-5-11-2016-3pm-gmt.html
  3. had a solid pk also got mystic set, ancient staff and dspear
  4. pked my first whip today, guy was afk at red spiders, i waited for him to run out of food and come back, he came into the middle barrier and caught him lacking. easy pk. gonna use the whip to training man mode.
  5. Doing underground pass day 1 of DMM and farming zammy robes is a great low level money making method. At first not too many people were buying them but as time went on more and more people would pay a lot for killing level 13s with guaranteed drop of robes.
  6. Hey everyone! First off I need to apologize cuz I haven't posted anything in about a week. This is what happens when your dam professors all give you papers due the same week! Secondly, I'm super excited to say that i've been an AC intro for about 3 weeks now. Being an intro seems to be like a grace period, where you introduce yourself to the clan and you get to join on PK trips and PVM trips, assuming you have some decent communication with the clan and your at least recognizable. So last week was honestly the most fun I have had on DMM in a long time. The clan went pking and we go so bored that clan members started fun fighting each other. Of course this was controlled, but none the less awesome. The same day we ended up going as a huge team to Zammy. Big shout out to sleepyaf for being our tank, you did an amazing job man. Its been a while since I felt belonging to an integral part of the runescape community. Big shout out to Sp33dy20 for making this happen. Looking forward to more DMM experiences with AC. This ultimaltey is what you get when you put together a high risk game mode as well as some great clan mates. Since DMM is now mainly clans, its very hard to get killed and your ultimately able to risk more, if you are part of a clan. Which is ultimately a great perk for being in a clan. Thanks for the great experience guys! Look out of rmore posts this week as I will be updating you with a lot more shit. Peace!!
  7. lvl up ur defence and hp simple i dont see how people keep dieing to suiciders tbh its so easy to prevent it from happening!
  8. That awkward moment when your bank is on one of the loot screens.....lol
  9. Does anyone have an opinion on where they think the most efficient and effective training spots in a 'guarded' area are?
  10. Hey guys, so I've seen a couple of sick posts of people getting AMAZING drops at barrows. As a result, a lot of people have expressed interest in doing it but many were worried about pkers. I'm here to explain the BEST way to escape those pesky pkers around Mort'ton, Burgh de Rott, and Barrows! 1. Understand where you have to run: When you are this far away from safe zones, there are only 2 ways to escape if a person/clan jumps on you. The first is to hope that they have no completed the quest to Burgh de Rott. This works quite well if you are jumped on by 1 maybe 2 people, but if a huge clan jumps on you(looking at you ROT), chances are someone has the quest completed as well, so you need to try the other option. The second option is to run straight towards barrows. Don't try and run back to the boat and take it back into the swamps or run the opposite direction towards the nature spirit alter, you are going to die and there is 0% chance of you escaping. Understand that the only way to escape in this case is to run towards barrows and open every barrows brother tunnel until you find yours, if you do find it, run in and tp out. Don't try and continue your trip by just hopping. I've tried to take do this and ended up getting killed on multiple occasions by the same team that just hops around. 2. What happens if you run towards barrows and the team is experienced? Considering DMM has been out for a month and a half, many people understand how to successfully block you from entering your barrows tunnel. Due to the number of game ticks it requires to enter your barrow tunnel, people can have a second person stand on the inside of the barrows room to block you with darts/knives to completely negate your escape method. If this ends up happening you have to bait out an attack from the player standing above. Do note, if someone launches a barrage and you enter the tunnel you are instantly unfrozen and it is completely neutralized. Use this to your advantage. Try and stay above ground long enough to see the person standing there attack you, as the animation is going, instantly run down into the barrows room and enter your barrows tunnel. You will have just enough game ticks to be able to enter the tunnel without having the person with darts/knives attack you. 3. Stay calm and focus on prayer switches The key to escaping in barrows is keeping calm. If you panic and instantly start gobbling food, you are going to die 100%. But if you play it out right you have a very high chance of escaping if you know what you're doing and you brought proper equipment to tank. Choose a method to escape and live with that. You can't live every time so don't be discouraged if you do die. Those sexy ahrims top,skirt are totally worth it. 4. Always keep a spade in your inventory I know there is a spade that spawns in the shed near barrows and I know that ghouls can destroy some food, but just bring it. The extra 10-20 steps it takes to take a spade from the shed can be the difference between life and death. 5. Check the chest room before entering This is one of the less common ways of pking at barrows, but sometimes people sit in a corner of the chest room waiting for people rushing through chests to get their loot. Stop and take 2 seconds to make sure the coast is clear, it would be a shame if you were to die at this last phase of the trip I hope this helps those on the fence of doing barrows. It really is worth it considering the equipment you bring may be 100k, but the loot possible can be 4m+. Remember, the tunnels in barrows are you friend, if you can reach them, you are safe. Thanks!
  11. hey guys i usually train at ogres but ive died to rot 3 times today and lost 14 hp levels and prayer levels, any safe alternatives to train? all advice is welcome
  12. With the incoming seasonal servers we should start thinking about how to get ahead. Part of what ROT did right when dmm came out was they clan controlled monkey madness and dt, which created a massive level and wealth gap between ROT and the rest of players. As we near the 3 month mark we begin to get an idea of how long the seasonal servers will be open and what is accomplishable. Anyone got any ideas on how AC can get a leg up in the upcoming seasonals? I would go for early barrows and early slayer (as early as possible)-- also pking early is a good way to suppress the rest of the players from catching up. Big money makes big money, big lvls make big lvls.
  13. hey guys till what level should i do the varrock agility course?
  14. hey guys, so i hear of this spot in ardy that reqs 46 thieving to enter and has ogres, is this a good spot to train bc im tired of dying east of castle wars. thanks guys!
  15. So I wanna start training my Mage soon but I'm not sure what way is the most efficient to approach it. Would splashing maybe be a good method at some point? Thoughts below thanks guys
  16. so currently ive been making money by fishing (83 fish) and its okay money but i wanna know what you guys do, i hear that wc and fletching is good money on dmm as well? post your guys' thoughts down below. everything helps thanks guys !
  17. I have to start questing and really not looking forward to it :c ima cry in befor i get rekt lol gl me boys..
  18. Whenever i got skull hunting or pking and find people they never seem to try and fight back they just try to escape when its pointless for them when im freezing and ranging them out.
  19. my bank deposit box starting to look pretty good i know its not alot for some people but its alot to me haha. http://prntscr.com/96li8n
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