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Found 9 results

  1. We started this Sunday with a Sara strike event, having 30+ ops killing everyone that came in our way. When we took a 5 minute break we saw some JAJA kids flaming in Edgeville bank, talking shit but they never showed themselves in the wilderness, in Prime GMT. We then geared up again and hit the caves, finding a random team south and the fun began. After fighting for 15 minutes we started tbing everyone so they couldn't run away from us, it didn't take too long until we cleared all of them. A little later we found DK and immediately got a huge barrage clump dropping half their members, Mid fight AF decided to join in and we fought for another 10 minutes until we decided to tele out. We then Switched to Vet 'ion finding Overide with their biggest pull this month, 6 people and we cleared them instantly, hoping for them to pull more and fight us but they never showed themselves again. then we had a scrap with VR for 30 minutes until we decided to call it a day. Thanks For the Action this Sunda everyon.. Pics:
  2. Join SocialScape today!A friendly osrs social clan with just about everything in it!Here at SocialScape everyone is welcome. Whether you're a Pvp'er, Pvm'er, Skiller or just looking for some social interaction we're the clan for you!CC - Social ScapeClan World - 376If you would like to know more about Socialscape please check out our website!socialscape dot enjin dot comWe do many things as a clan too. Clan events being a big one. This could include things such as skill of the week, boss masses, skilling events, and other events with prizes to be won!Clan Leader- IsoptoxClan General - Pixel EzioShortassRules:1. RESPECT your fellow clan members at all times.2. No begging.3. No scamming or luring.4. If you have a personal issue with anyone in the CC please take it to PM5. Do not encourage others to break any of the rules.6. Do not ask for ranks in the clan chat.7. Follow Jagex's rules at all times.Failure to follow these rules will result in the following -You will be given a warning.You will be kicked from the clan if the nonsense continues.If you still cannot behave upon re-entering the CC you will be added to the ban list.The rabbit is pink!Application:Display name –Age –Timezone/Country -How long have you been playing RS –What is your favourite thing to do on RS –What is your least favourite thing to do on RS –Why do you want to join the clan –Did anyone refer you to the clan (if yes who) –What colour was the rabbit -If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to whisper Jont ingame and put Jont as the referrer
  3. Hey all, Selling some League of Legends account IGN's for OSRS gold. These are the names I currently have in my possession: Intern Beret Mind Games Venonat Kraid Roxanne Dampierre What will be provided by me when you purchase a name: The account creation date The original username The original password The recovery email address Please send me a PM or reply to this thread if interested. Thank you very much!
  4. hey guys till what level should i do the varrock agility course?
  5. so i have 83 magic rn on osrs and wanna know any good methods to 94. thanks
  6. This method is how I trained to 94 mage pretty easily and it didn't cost too much. Requirements: 67 Agility 55 Mage Nature Runes and Alchables Mind Runes / Air Runes Fire Staff Slashing Wep / Knife Method: Salarin is a mini boss located in the Yanille dungeon. If you use fire strike on him, it will always max to a 12. He also drops Sinister keys which you can use on the chest inside the dungeon right next to the monkey bars. The Sinister keys give you torstols and a mix of other herbs which can sell for quite a large amount. You basically fire strike him and alch which gives around 450-500k xp per hour. Once he is dead, you kill the chaos druids around him while waiting for him to respawn. He respawns every 15 or so seconds. Make sure you are alching and fire striking in unison. How to get away: There is an altar right after the monkey bars. If you are getting attacked, you can pray on the altar and it will send you down to a trap room filled with spiders. You can either try to bait the PKer into using the altar or simply just go down and run to the stairs which will take you to another set of stairs leading outside.
  7. so currently ive been making money by fishing (83 fish) and its okay money but i wanna know what you guys do, i hear that wc and fletching is good money on dmm as well? post your guys' thoughts down below. everything helps thanks guys !
  8. In the past, when you have finished paying a world in Oldschool Runescape, you have to re-enter your login credentials or welcome screen. But until now, everything changes because of World Switcher. Besides, the latest OSRS update allows you to wear Ring of Gods and manage NPC easily. Buy rs 07 gold to try it! Change worlds easily with World Switcher The World Switcher on Logout Interface allows players to quickly change worlds without re-entering the login credentials or viewing the welcome screen. What they need to do is just to choose a world from the list and go. What’s more, people can also select two worlds as favorite ones so that they don’t need to scroll down the list. However, there are also some restrictions for World Switcher in order to prevent players from accident logout. Mainly, changing worlds is forbidden when they are in combat or switching worlds quickly. Moreover, the login systems have limitations on hopping too fast. In addition, Jagex has claimed that the world switcher would show the amount of players and ping in future as long as Ian has finished his current projects, like resizable mode. By the way, the resizable mode is aiming to come for early June. Other updates in Runescape 2007 1. Ring of Gods. Now, it can be imbued at Nightmare Zone for 650,000 points, and you will need a holy wrench to do so. When worn, the imbued ring incorporates the holy wrench benefit of increasing prayer points restored from potions and also has 1 more prayer bonus than the standard ring. 2. NPCs will gain right-click options so that you can easily repair your barrow equipment, check your holiday items and pay for access to the Blast Furnace. To be honest, the World Switcher makes things more convenient than before. And also, people can take into battles quickly. To bring you more playable game experience, Profitless Sale is offering you cheap runescape 2007 gold on RSorder. Have fun!
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