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Day out FT randoms

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We headed out with 5 people recruiting people after dropping randoms in the wildy,We peaked at 29 people in discord cleaning up the wilderness.everyone did a amazing job today.jaja said non of em died but last pictures will prove they did.#Ac



sotd pk .png

heavy ballista pk.png

bank loot .png

randim 9.png

randoim 19.png

random 2.png

random 3.png

random 6.png

random 7.png

random 8.png

random 9.png

random 10.png

random 11.png

random 12.png

random 13.png

random 14.png

random 15.png

random 16.png

random 17.png

random 18.png

random 20.png

random 21.png

random 22.png

random 25.png

random 26.png

random 29.png

random clan .png


randoms 1.png

randoms 4.png

randoms 5.png

jaja is clueless.png

jaja down.png

jaja not a tank.png

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