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Seasonal Dmm Trip

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Headed out this Morning with 25 people on ts looking for anyone to kill,Going to Zeah finding a small team at sand crabs.Sending a bait in to lure away from the Chest.Dropping a guy in Mad loot.After hopping around we found some guys logging in next to us Skulled which was easy one bangs.We moved spots to hill giants getting some free loot/hallow tree luring a single pker into multi for bank.Got info that there was a small team at rogue chest so we headed up to clear em.



d med maul pk.jpg

guy we killed for 1m.png

1m loot.png

1m bank key.png

1m pic.png

750k key.jpg

bank key.png

107k key.png


69k cash.png

loot on floor.png

kill pic.png

dust devil kill.png

rune chain.png

vit who.png

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