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Gmt trip Sdmm

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Few us of was at Venenatis killing it for some bank loot.After getting a d pick.Spetsa was hopping around and ran into a team called "nb"After tanking them out we decided to get some members to mass up.After getting everyone together at Venenatis.Few mins later Nb team log in the trees.We focused on their only mage while spetsa was tanking.After dropping their only mage it was a easy clear.getting other kills around the game mode.



d pick.png

nb 800k loot 500k key .png

guy for 500k bank key ^^.png

510k bank .png

bank loot.png

180k key.png

120k key.png

loot x.png

hallow tree.png

d spear pkd.png


lured d spear.png

nb down at green drags.png

white wolf.png

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