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J ug


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So me sp33dster nexio and saimps thought about doing a pk trip this morning so we set a time for 9pm and when the time came around all our niggas rolled up ready for some blood after been dry for 2 days at raids we was thirsty for loot we ran into small teams at revs taking everything that they own! we got a few smites in but people know we run the wildy so there scared of taking there +1s out we did a good job on the trip so thank you everybody who came! #ACk2h1DH7.pngwnJ6Hw0.pngIzzYKSL.png03aApxt.png7z3PzEm.pngSchermafbeelding_2018-06-23_om_22.22.36.2018-06-23_20-51-59.png05e27bf262b6278131e2f35e52fade54-png.jpg996c1f5bb18010e9b5258d6f2f0b24a6-png.jpgfdc2cf3517c16c82f6dfbe19fccc0807-png.jpgd679b129491cf4aa8b37941b0a6472f9-png.jpg3280bc14e392c10b78ff2a4b53072a79-png.jpgd61db9571d9f1e41640592a65f5a7e62-png.jpg203c200a571cc65d23ec589906a38e8e-png.jpg05a42492387dfa5cb4811a7bc6c4f8a7-png.jpg


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