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  •  Current Rsn:     Summonster
  •  Previous Rsn:     Summonster
  •  Location & Timezone: Honduras, Central Time zone
  • About Yourself: I'm studyin med school, playing runescape on my free time, loving deadman mode, this is my 5th time participation on seasonals
  • How many Hrs a day you play: 5-6 since holidays
  • Why do you want to join Anonymous Community: Looking forward for some fun, to meet some nice people, loyalty and fun combined, looking forward to an active cc.
  • How did you hear about us?: Got a friend that joined and was invited by a random player that I met at druids
  • Have you played DMM Before? Yes, 5 seasonals
  • List all names you had in DMM: Summonster only, been a solo player
  • Do you know anyone in Anonymous Community,If so whom? Yes, 25 defence bud of mine

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