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Ac Zen

SDMM App - I Own DMM

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  • Current Rsn:  I Own DMM
  •  Previous Rsn:     Flookyrs
  •  Location & Timezone: Eastern / Canada
  • About Yourself:  Played Runescape since 07 , use to run #1 multi f2p clan back in 2010 , tons of expirience on dmm (Played every season/most tournaments. ,love pking , pretty laid back guy.
  • How many Hrs a day you play: 8-10hrs
  • Why do you want to join Anonymous Community: Looking to get back into clan pking not only for dmm but for pure pking aswell.
  • How did you hear about us?:  Seasonal dmm , training w a few anonymous ppl.
  • Have you played DMM Before? Ye every season
  • List all names you had in DMM:  I Own Dmm , FlookyRs , Yamcha485
  • Do you know anyone in Anonymous Community,If so whom: Nope

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