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CoX Room-Resources

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guardians.png         itemsguardians.png


Drink a sip of stamina and super combat. Turn piety on.

Optional: spec each guardian once with dragon warhammer. Do not pickaxe spec.

Equip your pickaxe and set your attack style to smash.

Flinch each guardian as demonstrated below:





shamans.png                 itemsshamans.png


Drink a sip of ranging potion and sanfew serum.

Turn on protect from ranged and rigour or eagle eye.

Stand next to the walls when attacking shamans. Never stand in the middle.

When shamans shoot a large green ball, run three tiles away from your spot.

When shamans summon purple minions, avoid them.


muttadiles.png            itemsmuttadiles.png


Drink a sip of ranging potion.

Turn on protect from range and rigour or eagle eye.

Blowpipe the small muttadile.

When the small muttadile reaches 40% health, ice barrage it.

Kill it, then blowpipe or tbow the large muttadile.

When the large muttadile reaches 50% health, ZGS spec it.

Avoid melee distance at all times - the large muttadile chomps for 115+ damage.


skeletalmystics.png         itemsmystics.png



Drink a sip of ranging potion.

Turn on protect from magic and rigour or eagle eye.

Equip your salve amulet.

Blowpipe each mystic one at a time.

Never use a crossbow or twisted bow in this room.

Be careful of pathing that drags you around the room.





Drink a sip of stamina and super combat potion.

Pray protect from melee and piety.

Lure Tekton by walking next to him and walking back.

Tank a hit from Tekton as he walks toward you. Otherwise, he will reset.

Spec Tekton twice with your dragon warhammer.

If you hit more than 2 specs, equip whip. Otherwise, equip elder maul.

Run around Tekton counterclockwise, hitting him in this pattern: 


Tekton will go back to the anvil. Hit him as he walks back.

Avoid the meteors by moving two tiles away from your previous positions.

When Tekton comes off the anvil, tank a hit and begin attacking again.

On Tekton's red phase, always use your elder maul and never spec.




There is a mage, range, and melee Vanguard.

Ensure that at least one person on your team is on each Vanguard.

Drink a stamina potion, ranged potion, and super combat potion.

Pray against the style your Vanguard uses.

Attack your Vanguard with the opposite style in the combat triangle:


Ensure that the Vanguards are always within 33% health of each other.

If two Vanguards have a difference greater than that, they will reset to full health.

Vanguards will go back into their shells and walk around the room.

When they do this, follow your Vanguard in the direction it is moving.

Cast ice barrage on the Melee Vanguard every time it emerges from its shell.

Stay in the three corners of the room to avoid damage from multiple Vanguards:





Drink a stamina, ranged, and super combat potion.

Upon entering the room, Vasa will teleport some people to the center.

Those that were not teleported to the center, run to the center praying mage.

Once Vasa uses its post-teleport attack, pray range + rigour and attack with blowpipe or tbow.

Vasa will throw rocks at you, avoid them by running two tiles away.

Vasa will move toward a crystal. Move toward the same crystal while attacking.

When Vasa reaches the crystal, pray piety. Attack the crystal with stab until it dies.

Resume praying rigour and attacking Vasa.

If Vasa performs the teleport attack again, repeat the above steps until it dies.



Drink a stamina potion, ranged potion, and sanfew serum.

Set your quick prayers to redemption and rigour or eagle eye.

If you have a tbow or ACB, use rapid. If you have a DCB, DHCB, or RCB, use longranged.

Never attack the boss itself.

Enter the room with quick prayers enabled.

Instantly attack the portal.

After your attack animation, run one square behind the grub.

If your redemption procs, drink a super restore and re-enable quick prayers.

Repeat the above three steps as demonstrated below:







To solve crabs, you must bounce an orb off the crabs into the crystals.

The orb will always turn right when it bounces off a crab.

You must change the orbs color to the opposite color of the target crystal.

You can change the color of the orb by bouncing it off a colored crab.

You color crabs by using different combat styles as demonstrated:





Before starting the room, kill scavs for planks and build a chest.

Bank everything in private storage. Grab an axe and tinderbox.

Chop an inventory of kindling.

Everyone stand at different braziers. Light at the same time.

Drop your axe and tinderbox. Click withdraw all from private chest.

Drink a stamina, ranging, and super combat potion.

Pray ranged and piety. Equip melee gear with DWH.

Spec the ice demon with DWH.

Switch into ranged gear and blowpipe. Pray ranged and rigour or eagle eye.

The ice demon will throw rocks at you. Dodge them by moving two tiles.




Do not do thieving in team raids. Thieving is only worth doing in solo raids.

Before starting the room, kill scavs for planks and build a chest.

Bank everything in private storage.

Steal grubs from the chests until you have an inventory.

If a chest poisons you, don't steal from it again.

In a solo, you need 30 grubs to complete the room.

Once you have enough grubs, dump them in the trough.




Do not try to cross the rope upon entering the room.

Drink a ranging potion. Pray mage and rigour or eagle eye.

Attack each mager one at a time using tbow or blowpipe.

Once the magers are dead, pray ranged and rigour or eagle eye.

Attack each ranger one at a time using blowpipe.

In layouts with a shadow root, the tank can run behind the shadow root.

The tank must attack the ranger every few blowpipe hits or it will switch aggro.

When only one ranger remains, one person crosses rope.

Pick up the keystone crystal and use it on the door.

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