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Application Template

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Please use the following Template for your application process:

Please see our Requirements to join our clan:

Gear requirements: 

Clan Rules:

1. What is your name/ preffered name:

2. Current and past Runescape names:

3. Discord ID:

4. Who invited you to AC?

5. List of all AC members you know/ can vouch for you

6. Post your in game stats here

7. Post a picture of your PK sets (Must include your name and todays date)

8. Does anyone have access to your account? if so, Who ?

9. How would you rate your abilities on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst?
    - Listening :
    - Tanking: 
    - Returning:
    - Activity:

10. List any clans you have been in and the reason you left them:

11. Tell us about yourself:

12. What is your Timezone?

13. What time do you prefer to attend events?

14. Do you have a mic and will you use this?

15. Why do you want to join AC?

16. What do you think you could bring to AC?

17. Anything else?


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