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AC's Day Out FT - Total Terror

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Headed out today small manning and after an hour of cleaning up the usual spots we bumped into Total Terror, The fight started with us being down opts so we grouped a few more people up and asked them for a scrap.

The fight started at GDS and dragged between GLORY HILL - GDS and would continue for the next hour, both sides had good moments with us having the KDR on our side almost being up in numbers for the entire duratio.

Thanks for the scrap guys

Kill 1Gz 2020-06-23_17-17-28.png

Kill Hot Popcorn 2020-06-23_17-49-03.png

Kill Kami Sanbika 2020-06-23_17-43-29.png

Kill powermabbel3 2020-06-23_17-40-29.png

Kill sancar 2020-06-23_18-28-59.png

Kill sancar 2020-06-23_18-41-42.png

Kill Sup gl 2020-06-23_18-41-04.png

Kill TEAM TERR0R 2020-06-23_18-30-47.png

Kill ThyIronGiant 2020-06-23_17-41-41.png

Kill TR Ugurs RNG 2020-06-23_18-54-16.png


eI3InMH.pngunknown (1).png

unknown (2).pngunknown.png

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