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Headed out with the gang and started farming little teams all over the wilderness for several hours before calling it a night.


Kill 0wned Bro 2020-07-02_23-21-16.png

Kill biggest zog 2020-07-02_23-21-27.png

Kill Blessed Guam 2020-07-03_01-11-40.png

Kill Cat magnet 2020-07-03_01-13-52.png

Kill demigoddes07 2020-07-02_23-10-21.png

Kill Evitae 2020-07-02_17-03-35.png

Kill ghots_sparta 2020-07-02_22-58-38.png

Kill HS Blood 2020-07-03_01-17-06.png

Kill mushie spore 2020-07-03_00-16-11.png

Kill Noodles RS 2020-07-02_23-44-07.png

Kill Norm Ulfric 2020-07-02_23-37-27.png

Kill Olympianrage 2020-07-03_01-18-19.png

Kill Prizy G 2020-07-02_23-39-14.png

Kill Robior 2020-07-02_17-39-18.png

Kill rock doggie 2020-07-03_00-12-09.png

Kill Saf i 2020-07-03_01-47-33.png

Kill Sesamea 2020-07-02_17-11-18.png

Kill Six Hits 2020-07-02_23-09-18.png

Kill thtSkilledWB 2020-07-02_23-47-54.png

Kill vengeance4me 2020-07-02_17-07-34.png

Kill zeldas souls 2020-07-02_23-47-42.png

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I think I need to get back together with you boys! I mean after all I do have one of the oldest accounts on this forum:)


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