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VR teles away in fear once again

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AC started with a quick revs hit to hype up the boys, seeing as VR turned down a fight once again due to not being able to out pull us.  Swiftly the boys ran through protected worlds having a little bit of fun before sending it deep.  After a while of this we decided it was time to look for loot better than addy kites and snakeskin bandannas.  The next spot was Vetion, as we got some info that VR was hiding there after declining a fight, and avoiding at the caves.  AC rushed to the north and the fighting started clearing their first line, while the stragglers ran through us to the 30 line.  VR prefers staying below 30 with their cursor over the Royal Seed Pod.  Roughly 30 minutes passed of VR being almost non existent on the minimap, until VR decided it wasn't worth the plus 1's they were losing.  









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Yeah VR had quite a few more numbers than us but we held our ground, They had the quickest ending when we re-rushed within 20seconds and they quickly teled out. If VR are claiming the win.....why didnt they stay? hmmmm



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