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UNK are still a thing?

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AC started the usual spur deep wild pk trip, hopping after 50's and Callisto.ย  Countless small man teams were cleared, until we bumped into a few UNK at GDZ.ย  Instantly our ops rushed in and cleared their first wave.ย  Shortly after they massed up and teled back up.ย  Realizing the potential, AC rushed out the east side of GDZ, pulling their entire group of melle campers into a 7 man barrage clump.ย  Scrambling, UNK tried to retreat towards gap, where they were frozen and slapped down by the storm of AC.ย  With UNK cleared for the second time we resupplied and made our way back to GDZ to hit their return.ย  Eventually they did return with a few more ops, giving us the action we wanted.ย  The fight spanned from GDZ to Glory hill, where DR tried to make an appearance with crystal bows.ย  To no ones surpriseย the rodents were killed in seconds, so we could get back to the fight.ย  UNK was shattered one last time and we made our way out with some decent spoils.











DR has failed XDDD

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