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With several clans not wanting to step above the 30 line, AC rolled to the deep wilderness to look for some action.  Callisto was initially clear, so we moved up to castle.  Not much action was found at castle either, so we moved to GDZ, in hopes of finding another clan doing the same.  Eventually a classic VR member was found (wearing black d'hide without a shield), and he was slaughtered instantly.  A few more VR members logged in, but were 1 bangs.  VR was almost entirely cleared at this point, but thankfully SV logged in to give us some real action.  We fought SV around GDZ, while a few other smaller clan joined in as well.  The fighting lasted about 15 minutes, in which AC returned to hunting other clans.  It's a shame that some clans need rings of life to step into the wilderness. 











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