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  1. AC's Day Out Clearing Vendetta

    Nice job fellas
  2. Smited Ags

    Almost 300M bank again.
  3. Smited Ags

    Was over at the G.E. Pking in world 25 and i smited this.
  4. Lets go boys currently rank 1 smithing on tourney https://gyazo.com/308408b1ccf7f55aff9e8953e7ac77c2
  5. Night out FT PD-Randoms

    Damn boys just got home from work nice smite!
  6. Roughly 12 kills in between the unique drops not to bad for only 192 KC
  7. AC owns the wild

    Nice job boys!
  8. Night out Ft randoms,pd

    Very nice boys
  9. another pet on alt

    Very nice! Grats man
  10. Bucket Intro

    Welcome man hope to see that combat jump! Stay active TS when online!
  11. EX members tapping out

    I remember adamant being in here but don't remember chase... but either way they can shove it where the sun don't shine
  12. so this happened LOL

    Jesus only 83 kills in too...
  13. Slayer made bank

    Nice job easy cash lol