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Registration Terms

Code of Ethics

Discipline/Clan Membership Exclusion: Where issues arise with a Community Member or Members, particularly relating to the Clan’s Code of Conduct, it may be necessary for action to be taken. In such cases, a Clan Leader may suspend a Clan Members involvement with the Clan, and take action to ensure the Clan’s safety and well-being. It is likely that this will involve the removal of access to the Clan’s on-line collateral/infrastructure, and also the ability to affected Clan Member(s) to participate in official events. Where possible, the affected individual(s) will be of the informed of the action taken and the reasons for the action.

Grievance: Any Member who has a grievance relating to another members of the Clan should in the first instance inform a Clan Leader. From then on, the matter will be handled using the discipline procedure given above.

Resignation: Members are requested that they inform the Clan Leadership if they intend to leave the community. Early discussion of issues with the Clan Leadership/Membership, or a consideration of inactive status, may help prevent the member from leaving.

Be Mature: While we understand that during a game, things can get heated and you might start swearing etc, please try to keep your outbursts to a minimum. Maturity is a 100% MUST, and everyone appreciates a player who can stay cool even after getting killed over and over with a broken weapon.

* Display high standards of behavior that promote a positive image for the community

* Respect the rank officials and their decisions.

* Denounce those who attempt to discredit our community.

* Honor those who defend the community's good reputation.

* Excessive flamming will not be tolerated! When one of the leaders has asked you to discontinue an argument the discussion must * end immediately.

* The most important rule, HAVE FUN!!!

In AC we strive to maintain a high level of legitimacy and maturity within our community. Your actions and choices reflect heavily upon our community. Members must be respectful of each other at all times even if there are disagreements with each other. The following are obvious rules in addition to our policies.

Obvious Rules

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