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  1. thats the only way they beat me 5-1 I would've k0ed them all at shanty kappa
  2. trump 4 president !


    1. Dripping Ink
    2. riches2runes


      why not Hilary just a liar bro atleast trump we know hes a fuckwit hahahahaha nothings hidden

    3. Dripping Ink

      Dripping Ink

      I feel you on that fuck Hillary tbh

  3. Hate Australia times every mass up I'm at work I get home literally 1 hour ago the war happens :(((
  4. well I went to the muslim manukes house with some boys guy recons its his house and he rented it to him but cant gie his name and got smart so we bashed him infront of his family then went to the muslims business metal scrap yard its completely abandoned and no cop can find mohammad kazad and the owner of the scrap yard got done with 1m+ in fraud in all different names and is on bail guessing hes back in Lebanon fucking muslim cunts ima go back and bash this other muslim cunt again in couple days
  5. well that's where ur retarded cause I obviously checked it was a debt company first
  6. I think I can take them to court but I gotta find mohhamad lmfao idk if hes even did it all in his real name so just gonna go to there hang out
  7. dw boys are coming down tomorrow night but we gota find this guy we now the brief area
  8. woke up dismorning to some fucker towing my car!!! I just bought for 24k cash (cash) and saying I owe finace on it!!! only to find out the guy who sold it to me got it on a loan didn't pay the loan and sold me the car! neer trust no1 one people =) who robs 18 yr old man starting off ..
  9. I second that!!! by week 2 it was hard to find a kill
  10. just my acc I jump on when I'm bored waiting for deadman to start back up =/
  11. cambostressa lmfao that's how all great zerkers begin!