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  1. A few things you should know as a intro. A intro is like a trial after your introduction we will be watching over your activity on the forums and Team Speak, and how you communicate with others. As a introduction I'd advise you get to know people and build relationships within the clan, you will be given the Team Speak information after your introduction. Although you will only be able to access certain channels. In order to post an application you need twenty post count on the forums, your application being accepted will depend on votes from the clan and high council. Do you understand this and agree? I Agree What is your name or what would you liek to be referred to as:cody / Amusing What timezone are you in:Gmt+8 i think perth W.a Current display name:Lazers Past display names:Ahmusing,Amusing you,Warchiefs,Gnisuma,Gnizuma About yourself:from australia love surfing and skating,getting high and pvming and pking with the homies on ts and overall just chillin with good people Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats): List ALL Clans and Teams you have been apart of:sv shit shit,Fatality,Foe never been in a main clan but attended a pkri with ac once on prosdontdie account Have you ever applied to the clan before? if so, post link(s): No Why do you want to join Anonymous Community? (Atleast a paragraphs):im unsure yet id like to meet the community and see what people are like first and ive never realled clan pked as a main apart from with friends so id love to see what its like but i do enjoying pvming and have pure clanned for about 4 years so im pretty interested in what its like and the diffrent tactics stratergies are used when main clanning looks fun asf ^.^ List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship: i dont know many people ive talked to sp33dy a few times on ts and a few others that i cant remember Anything else you wish to add:#AUSTRALIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  2. @Sp33dy20 Wait who accaully are sb...no sarcasm? lol free lewts but
  3. Juicy gj bro,seeing as you pk so much you should just make a topic and keep updating it like a log i suppose
  4. great idea, alot brids out there will be interesting
  5. Grats bro stay on that grind
  6. really hope somone comes ford with the pots but i highly doubt it bro ,little gold pixels just overcomes ones mind somtimes