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  1. Amazing job today guys! We smashed it today
  2. Heard CT was pking new gate area so we quickly sent 3 tanks to hold them in place knowing CT would attempt to kill 3 people and probably avoid for the night we sent 3 superior TANKS in, At the 1 minute mark we had 15 soldiers storming in. This fight consisted of CT holding 3/4 in game as we got them in numerous clumps as they desperately tried to gain opts and ask BLUE OWLS discord for extra numbers to compete with us. I would say it was a competitive fight but id be lying as CT resorted to calling other people that arent in there own clan to fight STRICTLY AC MEMBERS. At the 30 minute mark NL came in to crash so we portaled away with no CT insight
  3. raros should check this out, grats
  4. With no responses we decided to hit up the caves in hopes of someone to clash with, Sure enough ROT would rush us north as we came into the caves and a skirmish emerged, With AC being down a bit of opts compared to ROT we decided to make work of any barrage clumps we could get before pulling south and teleing out. We never let this ruin our trip so we grouped back up and bumped into ROT logging in again getting a decent amount of kills on them before pulling out. We continued on bumping into SV and quickly made work of any mages we seen and having people drag to get good barrage clumps killing 5-10 man piles continuously before VITALITY came in crashing the fight. After moving deeper into the wild we would clash into DF easily running though them as they were only small man pking. Thanks for scraps fellow clanners
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