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  1. Easy clap well done everyone that was there they tele so much 😁
  2. Hey Everyone Post all your Kills/Loots #AC
  3. Just a Recap from the Raid Mass we did in July Add your Pics if you have some :😍
  4. Was a good fight 3 clans vs AC we did well :) nice one to everyone that was there!
  5. Nice guys 😀
  6. Well done everyone While i was recording my file corrupted so i was unable to capture more scenes. R.I.P anyways heres the vid.
  7. Nice u got it on Vid, I was the guy who started it and i got banged out but so did they! :D
  8. Nice guys wish I could of made it
  9. well done everyone good pics
  10. I know its on another topic but i thought id post it in this section: Well done to everyone that was there.
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